About the Project

Project title: “Communities’ TWINning between Tuzla and Campi Bisenzio”

Project acronym: TWINTUC

Partner Organisations:

Grad Tuzla Applicant Organisation
Udruženje Tuzlanska Amica Tuzla
Comune Campi Bisenzio
Macramè Società cooperativa ONLUS
Adriatic GreeNet-onlus

The project “Communities’ TWINning between Tuzla and Campi Bisenzio” (TWINTUC) aims to improve mutual relations and establish a real concrete twinning between the communities of Campi Bisenzio (Italy) and Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The twinning of communities is promoted by the Local Authorities and the Civil Society Organizations from both cities, and will be formally established during the Final International Event of the project in Tuzla by signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

TWINTUC will include activities developed among several groups of citizens to improve partnerships and friendships within the twinning as well as the European identity of the two communities.

In particular:

1) Elementary school students will jointly organize an educational exhibition on the history of their communities by collecting photos and memories of grandparents

2) Cultural CSOs will collaborate in organizing artistic and cultural performances during the Final International Event in Tuzla

3) Social promotion CSOs will present each other best practices and activities to each other, preparing joint solidarity actions to be implemented during the Final Event to promote international volunteering

4) Sports associations will define a program of traditional local games and sports for all ages to be played together during the Final Event, as well as some competitions that promote equal opportunities and integration of disadvantaged persons.

Seminars and workshops on social inclusion and new solidarity policies at national and European level will also be organized during the Final Event.

The total number of direct participants will be 400. Among them 186 participants will be from the invited country, including experts and members of AGNet who will technically assist the Applicant & Partners during the preliminary activities as well as the Final International Event in Tuzla.

Venue: Tuzla – Srebrenica – Bratunac
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Arrival date: 20/10/2021
Departure date: 23/10/2021